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VALORANT’s Night Market Returns: Dates and Details for the Next Event

The Night Market is a bi-monthly event in the game, offering players a random selection of skins that can be bought at reduced rates. This event is highly anticipated by the gaming community, as it allows access to favorite skins without a significant impact on their wallets​​.

It’s important to note that the Night Market offers six different gun skins at discounted prices, and the available skins are entirely randomized. However, there is a ‘Bad Luck Protection’ guarantee in place, which ensures that if a player doesn’t own every Premium Edition skin, they will receive at least two Premium skins in their pool​​.

When Is Next Valorant Night Market?

The next VALORANT Night Market, known as the Episode 8 Act 3 Night Market, is scheduled to begin on January 31, 2024, and will run until February 20, 2024​​​​. This gives players a total of 25 days to purchase a variety of exclusive cosmetics at discounted prices​​​​.

For players looking to access the Night Market, it can be found in the top right-hand corner of the game’s opening screen when available. Simply clicking on the card logo reveals the discounted items available for purchase​​.

This upcoming Night Market marks the 20th edition of the event and follows closely after the previous one, which had an extended period due to the holiday season​​.

The Night Market does not allow re-rolling of skins once they have been revealed, meaning players must make their choices carefully​​. The event provides a unique opportunity for players to add to their collection of in-game cosmetics at a more affordable rate.

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