valorant matte black
Valorant’s new fan made “Matte Black skin bundle” revealed.

Valorant just landed its brand new Fan made skin bundle, The Matte Black Collection. With the pre-loaded default skins available in this pack, you can finally call yourself a proud owner of at least one skin bundle in the game.

This new collection features 5 weapons with a jaw-dropping matte black finish. Here is the list of the weapons made available once you get this bundle from the store.

1. Ghost
2. Phantom
3. Operator
4. Spectre
5. Melee knife

These won’t cost you a single penny and would be made available free of cost. Though yet to be acknowledged officially by the game developer, we might soon be able to grab the same from the store.

Chill out, it’s just a satire. Now get back to the game.