Valorant map selection rates will no longer favor Icebox

Icebox will enter the competitive map pool on October 27th.

After a week since the release of the new Valorant map Icebox, Riot has decided to not favor it in the map pool of unranked game modes.

Icebox was introduced to Valorant alongside the release of Act 3 on October 13th. However, the map wasn’t made available to play in ranked due to potential bugs that could be found out during its first few days. Seems like the decision was correct, since some game-breaking bugs already seem to have been found in this new snow-themed map.

In case you haven’t noticed, if you were playing any unranked game mode over the past week (unrated, spike rush, deathmatch), you were much more likely to be placed in Icebox over the other maps.

This change was made by Riot to let players enjoy the newly introduced map as well as to figure out any potential bugs that may be existent in it.

Today, Riot confirmed that the matchmaking algorithm will no longer favor Icebox in any game mode.

“Now that many players have gotten to play Icebox since it launched, map selection rates on Unrated, Deathmatch, and Spike Rush modes will no longer favor Icebox,” the devs said. “This will help us get ready for Icebox to join Competitive mode on October 27th.”

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