Valorant Magepunk 3.0 bundle: Release Date and Price inside

valroant magepunk 3.0

Valorant, Riot’s FPS, has been a resounding success since its release in 2020, thanks to its unique blend of tactical shooting mechanics and ability-based gameplay along with a wide selection of incredible-looking cosmetics that entice the player base to grind the game out.

Magepunk is back to Valorant with a revamped line of armoury and an innovative take on melee weapons. After the hype created around Episode 6 Act 3’s release, there were several reports which surfaced, hinting at the release of Magepunk 3.0. All Valorant players can stop waiting now; the brand new Magepunk 3.0 collection is on its way to the shop.

According to a previous leak by ‘ValorLeaks’ on Twitter, the Magepunk 3.0 skin bundle is just around the corner, and it will include skins for both the Phantom and the Vandal alongside a new knife. The two remaining guns that will be featured in the bundle were still unclear at the time of writing.

Valorant Magepunk 3.0 Release Date

As per the tweet sent out by Riot Games, the bundle is expected to hit the in-game store on May 29, 2023. This will be a week later after the release of Patch 6.10 which ships out on May 23. 

Valorant Magepunk 3.0 Skins

Magepunk 3.0 will reportedly feature the following 3 weapons: 

1. Phantom

2. Vandal

3. Sparkswitch Melee 

Although new collections typically release alongside Patches, the developers’ decision to postpone Patch 6.09 means that this time will be significantly different. On top of that, it’d extend the shelf life of the Run It Back series.

The Sparkswitch melee will join the Shock Gauntlet and Electroblade as this line’s third melee weapon skin. There are a lot of butterfly knives in the game, so fans are hoping the Sparkswitch will feature similar motions.

Since previous bundles have included as many as five weapons each, it is still unclear whether the Magepunk 2.0 bundle would follow the same convention. 

Maybe Riot has two more weapons up its sleeve for the Magepunk treatment, or the developer is saving some of them for the Magepunk 4.0 bundle. 

The pricing of the Magepunk 3.0 bundle is yet to be determined but according to dataminers, the price of this newest iteration might be comparatively less than the previous ones as they only include 3 weapons. 

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