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Valorant EMEA Challengers 2023: Schedule, Teams and Format

Valorant Challengers League EMEA 2023 has had its format and preliminary schedule released by Riot. Twenty-five partnered teams from the Americas, Europe, and Asia will compete in the VCT’s main tournament.

There will be other professional teams from these three regions competing in the VCL to earn a berth in the Ascension event. Those that succeed in the Ascension competition will be offered an opportunity to compete in the 2024 VCT. 

Riot Games recently made an announcement in which they detailed the strategy that would be used for the VCL EMEA tournament. 

When does the VCL EMEA tournament commence?

According to the official blog post published by Riot Games, the number of leagues in the EMEA region will increase from seven to nine. This action is being taken in order to give due consideration to each of the EMEA’s constituent regions. Meanwhile, Portugal and Italy will each have their very own leagues to compete in.

Leagues will begin on the following dates:

  • Spain : January 8
  • Eastern Europe : January 12
  • DACH : January 14
  • France : January 14
  • Portugal : January 14
  • Türkiye : January 14
  • Northern Europe : January 16
  • Italy : January 21
  • MENA : January 28

The entire league is split into two groups for the tournament portion of the VCL EMEA. First-round playoff games across all leagues are scheduled to begin in late February or early March and last through March 12.

Riot previously said that the schedules for these leagues will not conflict with any major international competitions. For this reason, the Stage 1 playoffs for each league will begin in late February and end on March 12 so that they do not conflict with the LOCK//IN event in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Assuming the VCT goes smoothly within the first week, the next phase will launch on April 1. On a weekly basis, from Saturday through Tuesday, you can catch one of these contests.

The second round of playoffs will take place between the end of May and the beginning of June, with a conclusion date of June 11 being the most likely scenario.

The Ascension league, consisting of the best clubs from each of the regional leagues, is scheduled to begin to play in July. The league’s top team will represent EMEA in the VCL championship game in 2023. 

In addition, for the following two years, they will be able to fight against the greatest teams in the world on the biggest platform possible, the VCT EMEA tournament.

Stage 2 will take place from Saturday, April 1, to Tuesday, April 3, after the VCT split has taken place for the first week. The best teams from each EMEA Challengers League division will then advance to the EMEA Ascension League in July.

The victorious team will be recognized as the top Challengers squad of 2023 and will be invited to participate in the VCT EMEA International League for the following two seasons.

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