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VALORANT Egypt Skin bundle, leaks and more inside

Valorant, Riot’s FPS, has been a resounding success since its release in 2020, thanks to its unique blend of tactical shooting mechanics and ability-based gameplay along with a wide selection of incredible-looking cosmetics that entice the player-base to grind the game out.

Dataminers on Twitter have managed to dig up the upcoming Valorant skin bundle ahead of its actual release, and fans are excited to know more about what skins the Egypt named Bundle will look like.

So far only, we have caught a glimpse of the Vandal which will be featured in the Egypt Skin bundle and it undoubtedly looks a lot alike the previous Nitro and Aristocrat bundles.

The skins of the Egypt bundles have an enthralling design with old being their primary gradient. With the data present, this bundle will be a Deluxe tier bundle and will have no variants of its own.

Currently the data available for the bundle is quite less which puts us in a position to wait for further leaks or an official word from Riot but all we can say is the price of the same would lie somewhere around between 5100 to 7100 Valorant Points.

The Egypt bundle would be a part of the forthcoming Episode 4 Act 3 which will arrive on April 27 and might follow the release of the most antiicpaitated RGX 11Z Pro 2 Bundle or likewise. 8

Player cards, Gun buddies from the Egypt skin bundle are yet to be revealed as we highly recommend you to tune with us at TalkEsport for further release information.

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