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Valorant Challengers League Rules Hinder Pakistan’s Promising Players from Attending LAN Event

Pakistan’s esports scene has been garnering attention for its prowess in the first-person shooter game, Valorant. The country is proud of its talented Valorant players, who are making waves in Southeast Asia. However, the Valorant Challengers League has thrown a spanner in the works, hindering the progress of these players. The reason? The ongoing political unrest between India and Pakistan has made it incredibly challenging for Pakistani players to secure visas for the LAN event.

Despite the challenges, a few talented Valorant pros from Pakistan, including Muhammad “soulM8” Usman, Moiz Saleem Khan (aka MSKVal), Mustafa “Shooter” Kamal, and Abdul “k1Ng” Khero, were hopeful of attending the Valorant Challengers League event in India. Unfortunately, their hopes were dashed when they failed to secure visas due to the stringent league rules, which place the onus on players to obtain the necessary documentation.

The ongoing political tension between India and Pakistan has made it virtually impossible for Pakistani players to obtain visas, leaving them out of the running for the Valorant Challengers League event. K1Ng expressed his disappointment, suggesting that Riot Games, the organizer of the event, should shift PK (Pakistan) to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region to avoid visa-related issues. However, it is unclear whether Riot Games will take any action to address this concern.

Moreover, the Valorant Challengers League event would have been a golden opportunity for Pakistan to showcase its talented players to the world. But with visa restrictions and political unrest, the chances of Pakistani players participating in the event are slim. Even worse, Pakistani players are currently grouped with Southeast Asian teams, while their default in-game region is set to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), causing even more friction.

The Valorant Challengers League’s rules have placed an undue burden on Pakistani players, hampering their chances of competing on a global stage. If this issue is not addressed, it could have serious implications for the growth of Pakistan’s esports scene and the talented players who are working hard to put their country on the map.

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