Valorant Bug lets Yoru fall down through the map

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The latest duelist introduced by Riot is an instant hit that left then fans in the awe of it, but players have come across a game-breaking Valorant bug that lets Yoru travel through the map through its Gatecrash ability.

Having only been a few days since the update, fans took a liking to Yoru, and it wasn’t long before they discovered the fall damage bug.

Gatecrashing from a higher-level often led to some damage being dealt, which shouldn’t have been the case, thus making Yoru mains extra cautious while using the ability. The Valorant community wasn’t completely over it while another Yoru bug came crashing.

Twitch streamer amcaaa shared a clip where he tried the teleporting ability of the freshly introduced duelist. Right when he was about to teleport back to the desired location amidst a gunfight, he found himself falling through the map, Icebox in his case, eventually leading to his death.

His entire lobby was left confused as to what happened all of a sudden, as none of them expected for the bug to unfold, at least not in this fashion.

He speculated that the bug was a result of the “timing. You can see the orb disappear off the minimap just as the animation plays,” “No orb to [teleport] to may just force me under the map.”.

His explanation was not convincing for others as they believed it happened due to the streamer tried “[teleporting] out of bounds.”

Of all these bugs, one thing can be said for sure that the Gatecrash ability is far from perfect, and Riot might take a few days before they drop an update addressing it. Till then the player might move onto another duelist, or use Yoru with extra caution. Either way, this is rather disappointing for Riot as Yoru was one of the flagship features of the last major update.

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