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New Valorant Bug Leaving Players Without Guns And Abilities Mid Game

Following the latest Valorant patch 2.03 that went live on 17th Feb, some Valorant players are reportedly facing a new weird bug that’s making all their guns and abilities useless midgame. 

In patch 2.03, Riot introduced various bug fixes and a brand new game mode. While the players were positive about the update, Riot had accidentally introduced a new bug that impacts a specific Agent or some abilities midgame. Basically, the game out of nowhere locks the core functions of the game for any player at random. Irrespective of agent or ability the bug targets everyone or anyone on the server. 

Since it is not easy to reproduce the bug as it hits anyone at random at any time, the devs might have a hard time pinpointing the exact cause of this bug. 

The bug was first reported by a Reddit user “EuphoriaJustice”. According to the post on Reddit, while playing the competitive mode on Ascent, player “EuphoriaJustice” was locked out of some features of the game. Euphoria was unable to switch his weapon with a weapon on the ground. Later when he encountered an enemy at A-site he was unable to take a shoot and also was locked out of his Agent abilities. The round eventually came to an end and as the new round started he was again able to shoot and use abilities. 

On his Reddit post, other players that encountered a similar bug chimed in and shared their experience with the bug. Everyone also reported that as soon as the new round started everything went back to normal and they were once again able to shoot and use abilities. 

It is still unclear if the bug is affecting only a certain number of players or is it widespread. Riot has yet to comment or acknowledge the bug as of yet. The devs might be working in the background and may deploy a fix very soon. Be sure to check on our site for any further development related to this bug and Valorant. 

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