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Valorant battle pass officially announced by Riot

In only a few months, Riot Games’ new competitive shooter VALORANT is about to join the other giant esports titles like Dota 2 and Fortnite in having an in-game Battle Pass feature for its players to enjoy.

Photo: Riot Games

Through a blog post released on Wednesday, Riot dev Joe ‘SWAGGERNAU7’ Lee explained in details about the VALORANT in-game store and the upcoming Battle Pass scheduled to launch with the final release of the game.

Here are the key points of the in-game VALORANT store which is currently “in-progress” as summarized in the blog post:

  • Unlock new Agents, weapon skins, player cards, and sprays by completing Agent Contracts
  • Unlock weapon skins in the Store by using VALORANT Points
  • “Evolve” certain weapon skins and go deeper on a theme by spending Radianite Points
  • Earn items in the Battle Pass (available at launch) on the free and paid track

The Battle Pass is a feature or more specifically a monetization approach in video games aimed at providing exclusive content (usually cosmetics) to the players through a tiered system. Riot has announced that the VALORANT Battle Pass will include a “free track for all and a paid track as well.” This will encourage players to invest more time into the game and spenders to put in some extra bucks in the Battle Pass to earn exclusive content for VALORANT.

Joe has further ensured the players that the cosmetics will be completely optional and won’t affect match performance whatsoever – “The collection of optional extras will never affect gameplay, so all you need to focus on is hitting your shots and going B, but then going A. Or going A, but going A”

The rest of the details on the in-game store, agent tiers and the upcoming much anticipated Battle Pass can be found in Riot’s official blog post.

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