Valorant: Astral Clash suspends Team Fallacy due to account sharing investigation

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In response to accusations of account sharing during tournament play made against Team Fallacy and one of their players, the Astral Clash competition’s administrators today rendered a decision regarding Team Fallacy’s competitive status.

A few days after the accusations against Team Fallacy were made, the organizer of the all-female VALORANT tournament, Gen.G, posted a competitive ruling in which they shared that Riot was investigating the account sharing accusations and that Team Fallacy would be suspended from competing in the Astral Clash tournament while that investigation took place.

Astral Clash suspends Team Fallacy

Gen.G also shared that Team Fallacy would be allowed to participate in the tournament after Riot completed its investigation.

MarsArxa, a member of Team Fallacy, was accused of allowing her boyfriend, former TSM Academy player Nate “payen” Lopez, to play on her account throughout “the entirety” of the Astral Clash tournament. The initial accusation originated from a Google document in which MarsArxa was accused of allowing Nate “payen” Lopez to use her account. It is not apparent who was responsible for writing the document.

In particular, there was a film that supported the charges that were included in the document. In this clip, the accused player was in a one-on-five situation in a match versus Dignitas during the Last Chance Qualifier for Astral Clash 2022.

As stated, a “mediocre-at-best” response was given by the team after the player eliminated all five foes. The player who made the clutch did not provide a response to the opponent’s question.

“We don’t know what sort of individual says absolutely nothing after winning a 1v5 against a well-respected signed squad,” the doc said in the statement. “We don’t know what kind of person that is.”

Instead of Team Fallacy, Native Gaming White will be traveling to Los Angeles this weekend. After suffering a defeat at the hands of Team Fallacy in the tournament’s semi-finals, NGW was eliminated from contention. As a result of Team Fallacy’s disqualification, NGW has advanced from third to fourth place to second place, and they will now have the opportunity to compete in the main event.

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