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New Valorant Agent: Agent 21 Codename Leaked by Dataminers

It has only been a few days since Valorant received its newest update. The Episode 5 Act 1 update, which was introduced to the live servers on June 22nd brought with it the new map Pearl alongside a bunch of other additions to the competitive shooter.

While Valorant players are still busy exploring the new map, it seems like dataminers have already managed to dig up contents of an upcoming Valorant update.

Popular Valorant dataminer and Twitter user ‘ValorLeaks’ has recently shared some details about the next Valorant Agent through a Tweet on June 24th, and fans of the title are trying to come up with all sorts of speculations involving the 21st Valorant agent.

Valorant Agent 21 Codename Leaked by Dataminers

ValorLeaks has shared the codename of the upcoming Valorant Agent through his recent Tweet. 

As leaked by the dataminer, Valorant Agent 21 has been codenamed ‘Mage’. 

While not much else is currently known about the new Valorant update, it’s fairly certain that Agent 21 will be a Controller. This is due to the fact that Astra was the last Controller who was added to the game and that was way back in March 2, 2021. 

Since then, the game has received Agents for all roles but for Controllers. The current roster of Controllers in Valorant consist of Brimstone, Omen, Viper, and Astra.

Valorant Agent 21 Release Date

The exact release date of Valorant Agent 21 hasn’t been revealed by the developers as of yet. However, fans of the title can expect the new Valorant Agent to arrive alongside the upcoming Episode 5 Act 2 update.

Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 update is scheduled to arrive around August 24th, 2022.

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