Valorant 4.11 Patch notes Revealed: Clutch Mute, bug fixes and more

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Ahead of the New Episode 5, a new patch 4.11 would be released for Valorant today.

The patch introduces a Clutch Mute option. A keybind to mute team/party during clutches. This option would surely be appreciated as especially while playing with randoms most, the died teammates start “backseat gaming” and often affecting the outcome of a round. 

With this new patch, Valorant players can now mute all the team member/party member with a key-bind. The option would be available under Communication in Settings where you have to toggle on the clutch mute option, set a key bing and then pressing the key-bind would toggle between mute/unmute for party and team. 

Along with the clutch mute, many bugs were fixed including Jett’s ability to superdash where “Jett could reach very faster than intended speeds by using Tailwind in specific locations”, Yoru’s weapon equip while ulting “Fixed a bug where Yoru could use weapons earlier than intended when exiting Dimensional Drift (…again) ” .

Along with these fixes many visual and audio bugs for Skye, Sova, Chamber, Cypher, Brimstone, Astra. More of this can be read in the official patch note issued by Riot. 

Valorant Patch Notes 4.11

A respawn bug while Deathmatches has also been fixed, where players respawned close to where they died increasing the chance for revenge kills. Riot also addressed the respawn issues and claimed they would constantly keep updating the system until it gets better.  

Valorant 4.11 Patch notes

Clutch Mute

This is an option in-game, which gives you the option to mute your teammates/ party members whenever you want. For example, say you are trying to clutch and your friends in your party are trolling you or a random teammate is trying to bring you down, you can choose to mute them now. To do this here are the steps:

  • Go to Settings (Esc) > Controls > Communication
  • Set keybinds for Party and Team Voice Clutch Mute Keys
  • Press the keybind while in-game to Toggle “ON” the Party and/or Team Voice Clutch Mute and then again to Toggle “OFF”
  • When “ON,” you can toggle the mute any time during your match when you hit the assigned keybind. An icon will appear so you know when it’s active.

Bug Fixes

Here are all the bug fixes mentioned in riots patch release.

  • A bug where Skye would sometimes make an unintended pose, seen in third-person, when holding a gun
  • The bug where Jett could reach very faster than intended speeds by using Tailwind in specific locations (aka. “superdash”)
  • A bug where Yoru could use weapons earlier than intended when exiting Dimensional Drift (…again)
    • Some of you creative types continue to find new ways to trigger variants of this bug since the last few patches. Fixing these loopholes is intended to improve systems that are used by all abilities in the game. Because of this (in addition to the bad experience of getting shot by invisible Yoru), we are keeping a close eye on the results of these changes.
  • A bug where Yoru’s mask would flicker while running forward during Dimensional Drift
  • The bug where you would sometimes see the location of enemy Astra stars
  • A bug where you were unable to re-stabilize KAY/O after being themselves resurrected by Sage
  • The bug where the following abilities would sometimes disappear from the minimap:
    • Viper’s Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud
    • Killjoy’s Nanoswarm
    • Cypher’s Cyber Cage
  • A bug where after switching Agents in the range or in custom game, the buy menu would sometimes show invalid items
  • The bug where Chamber’s model would still teleport if killed mid-teleport
  • A bug where Skye’s Seekers and Fade’s Prowler and trails would not navigate down the chute on Breeze
  • Fixed Sova’s trick shot VO line so that it plays when he kills an enemy with a 1 or 2 bounce Shock Bolt
    • This provided information that wasn’t readily available to Sova and his team through other means. We’ve added this back, but restricted it to play only when Sova kills an enemy player with a bouncing Shock Bolt.
  • A bug where Killjoy’s Alarmbot and Chamber’s Trademark created large white circles on Brimstone’s Sky Smoke targeting map
  • The bug where Chamber’s Rendezvous range indicator does not disappear when far enough away to be off of the minimap
  • Fixed an issue where our spawn point scoring system in Deathmatch wasn’t updating correctly.
    • You should now consistently spawn farther from where you died and experience fewer “revenge” kills.
    • We’re aware the spawn system could be better and we’ll continue to make changes that improve the experience.
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