Valkyrae feels she abandoned her Twitch viewers for YouTube


Most watched female streamer in the world and 100 Thieves co-owner Valkyrae has opened up about how leaving Twitch’s audience for YouTube has worried her as she feels they were “abandoned” by her.

Valkyrae is the freshly minted co-owner of 100 Thieves switched to YouTube during the Twitch shakedown heading into 2020. She was leaving an established channel on Amazon’s streaming platform to explore the waters of YouTube which was a risk, to say the least.

In a video with 100 Thieves, she “reflects” on her incredible success that has turned heads across the community. Besides becoming the most-watched female streamer in the world, Rae was named the Content Creator of the Year at Game awards.

“When I decided to switch over to YouTube, I pretty much was sacrificing everything I had worked for, for stability,” Valkyrae said. Switch platforms could have been a disaster for her given YouTube gaming was far from what it is.

Valkyrae’s switch worked wonderfully and her accolades are proof of that. Though she didn’t hit the ground running on YouTube but with time her audience grew. As of this moment, her earning are somewhere around $200,000 a month from her YouTube channel alone.

Other than her stress, she felt that her success in the gaming industry being a woman of color will motivate millions for years to come. Her success speaks about the growth and diversity of the esports industry, as what statistically was considered as a male dominant industry, 45% of her viewers are women.

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