Valkyrae address backlash over 100 Thieves Cash App event

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100 Thieves Cash App event has been heavily criticized by the viewers for participants not wearing masks and ignoring social distancing norms in general, however freshly minted co-owner Valkyrae has defended her organization.

20th April saw content creators from different backgrounds come together and get involved in a series of trivial games like UNO. Naturally, the $450,000 event was an attraction for many and the same people noticed their ignorance towards the general safety guidelines. 100 Thieves as the host has been on the receiving end of the majority of the backlash; co-founder and streamer Valkyrae has addressed the issue on Twitter.

Though her Tweet has been deleted for unconfirmed reasons, a member of the 100T founding team confirmed that every person involved in the event has been tested a week prior, and on top of it rapid tests were also conducted before entry. Rae previously confirmed that everyone had masks on and were taken off during the broadcast.

It would have been a disaster if an organization of 100 Thieves’ stature failed to deliver on the safety of their guests, especially during a global pandemic. As confirmed by individuals with direct relation to the organization, safety measures to say the least. They went an extra mile to ensure the health condition of everyone a week prior thus the viewers have nothing to be concerned about.