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Will Ubisoft’s Xdefiant be a pay-to-win game?

Ubisoft’s free to play, first person shooter Xdefiant is a fast paced, action-packed game where you have the ability to choose between five different factions – Libertad, Phantoms, Echelon, Cleaners and DedSec. Each faction comes with unique skills and abilities. Being a free-to-play title, Ubisoft has confirmed that purchasable items like weapons and player skins, weapon attachments and more would be available in the game. This has left the gaming community speculating if Xdefiant will be a pay-to-win game. Fortunately, we now have the answer to this question. Keep reading to know more.


Following concerns among the gaming community, Ubisoft has released an official statement. They were quick to shoot down the idea of Xdefiant being a play-to-win game. Ubisoft has given the assurance that there will be a lot of free rewards available in the game to “excite and engage” the players. Any purchasable item that impacts the gameplay will also be available to be unlocked without spending any money.

Purchasable and free options

  • Ubisoft has mentioned the possible purchasable items :
    • Character Skins
    • Weapon Skins
    • MVP Player Animations
    • Player Cards
    • Emoji Packs
  • Here’s what you can expect to be free in the game :
    • Free Battle Pass Rewards
    • In-Game Challenges, both Daily and Weekly
    • Ubisoft Connect Challenges
    • Weapon Mastery (with regular updates)
    • Community Participation Rewards like Twitch Drops, giveaways, and in-game events.

Having said this, Ubisoft is likely to introduce a ‘tasks and events’ mechanic in the game where you can be rewarded if you complete the daily/weekly task. The more you play, higher the chances are of unlocking that attachment you’ve been eyeing.

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