Ubisoft bans Rainbow Six Siege pro Hyena for one year

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Kian “Hyena” Mozayani, former Luminosity Gaming player has been given a one year ban by Ubisoft for breaking the game’s code of conduct. Hyena posted the email he received from Ubisoft, thereby confirming his one year ban.

The ban is possibly linked with a Twitlonger Hyena posted back on 14th of April where he criticised Ubisoft over lack of communication between the developers & his former team, Luminosity Gaming which eventually led to the team leaving the competitive scene.

The post was titled “F** an NDA” that stated that he had broken the agreement with Ubisoft by discussing the negotiations. However, this may or may not be the cause for the ban given to him by Ubisoft.

Luminosity Gaming, Team Reciprocity & Evil Geniuses would not be returning for the next Pro League season due to the changes to the structure of the North American League, and the same was announced by the orgs on 16th of April. The exact reason behind this is still unknown, but it’s believed that the new changes made to the structure might have caused some bad blood with the orgs. This has led to the players now looking for new rosters to join.

Changes to the Rainbow Six Seige esports structure is happening all around the world. Ubisoft’s EMEA esports director Francois-Xavier Deniele also addressed the entire controversy surrounding the North American transition. Deniele said,

They just announced a very exciting program for NA, with a lot of change and the introduction of their own league, so they’re working right now to make sure the community understands everything. But we’re in the situation where everything is changing so it’s not bad that people are [having] discussions and questions about the change, but globally we’re confident we’re moving in the right way everywhere in the world.

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