TyLoo knocks out Luminosity from DreamHack Malmö

TyLoo have knocked out the 2-week-ago champions of MLG Columbus, Luminosity from DreamHack Masters Malmö with a 2-1 triumph in the decider match (16-14 on Cache, 7-16 on Overpass and 16-12 on Inferno).

With the map cache, TyLoo began dominating at the very first two rounds of the half in the wake of denying Luminosity section into the B bombsite during eco rounds. A third-round purchase from Luminosity paid profits and controlled the Brazilians to string six adjusts together – their brightest spell on the guide. After an eco round, TyLoo hit back on a full purchase and took after that up with an insane round from Wu, who won a 1vs3 grip inside B.


The Brazilian group surrendered one more round before taking two in succession, making it 14-9 to support them. After a strategic respite and a triple execute from HaoWen “somebody” Xu, TyLoo went on a fabulous run, winning seven rounds in succession to secure the guide 16-14.

The second map, was Overpass, and the primary half was a finished victory as Luminosity raged to a 9-1 lead tailing some awesome Terrorist play. TyLoo then at long last figured out how to keep down the Brazilians in the wake of calling a timeout, taking an aggregate of four rounds before the end of the half.

Everything came down to Inferno, where TyLoo got out to a 4-0 begin as Luminosity attempted to stay aware of the pace of the Chinese. The accompanying round then went the Brazilians’ way, yet TyLoo recaptured control of the game and kept on racking up rounds till they finished off the final game at 16-12 in their favor.