Twitch Streamer Jinnytty Had A Unusual Altercation On Live Stream

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A popular Twitch IRL streamer Jinnytty experienced an unusual interaction on one of her real-life travel streams. While engaging with her chat, she encountered some fellow passerby in Hamburg, Germany who tried to sell her marijuana and the entire thing got captured on her livestream.

Twitch has evolved as a platform and apart from just being a stage for gaming streamers, the platform has provided a podium for each and every talent that can be broadcasted live. Users can see variety of content from dance, music and only chatting livestreams to some IRL streamers who livestream on the go.

Such one big name is Jinnytty or Jinny, who is a IRL streamer on Twitch. She plays various games but mostly is seen doing outdoor live-streams. She has over 400,000 followers on her Twitch channel and is pretty famous among the viewers who like to see outdoor streaming.

In an outdoor stream, you can always face some bizzare experiences in the day-to-day life that get caught live on camera. While some moments are worth capturing, some just spice up the streams with such weird experiences. Jinny was talking with her chat while some personnel approached her and started selling her “Ganja” or Marijuana.

She did not understand what they were trying to sell at first but after understanding the situation, she politely refused to buy some “Ganja” while her chat was bursting in laughing stickers. Anything can happen on an IRL livestream and such moments only juice up the experience for the viewers.

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