Twitch facing streams lags and functionality errors

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Twitch for the past few hours is facing severe outages that render the streams unwatchable and several other functionality errors across the website as reported by users.

These errors include significant lags and stutters in streams, frequent disconnections from the website and the chat, other the website not loading at all. Stutters are random and can occur at any moment in the stream but the chat disconnections and errors while loading the website are frequent.

“We have recovered from the issue that prevented the site from loading correctly, and we’re going to continue monitoring the situation. Thank you all for your continued patience and we apologize for the disruption.” read their Tweet.

A notification reading “You may be using a third-party tool or browser extension that is impacting site performance. For the Twitch experience, head over to and support the stream,” was sent to Twitch users. This suggests that the malfunctions can be caused by several add blocker tools and extensions like uBlock Origins and ADV Ad Blocker which platforms like Twitch despise.

Twitch support has promised to keep an eye on the situation after were able to fix the issue that kept the website from loading. The frequency of faults surrounding Twitch is on the rise but to our fortune, Twitch Support will be monitoring for any issues that might arise.

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