Twitch discounts local subscription pricing for India, Australia, Korea & 42 countries

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In what is being seen as a welcome change by the video game streamers worldwide, popular streaming platform Twitch has announced a massive reduction in their subscription rates across several countries. For instance, the tier 1 subscription price for Twitch India has dropped by a whopping 80% as confirmed in an announcement by Twitch. 

Previously, the tier 1 subscription price for Twitch in India was set at 479.99 INR, which has been reduced to only 110 INR following the change.

“As part of our efforts to help creators build and grow their communities worldwide, the following countries will get subscription price adjustments as a part of Local Subscription Pricing,” Twitch said in a statement. 

Readers can check out the full list of countries under the effect of this change here.

Prior to the update, Twitch had notified its users about the change in regional pricing of the platform’s subscriptions through an email. 

The email reads, “Within the next few weeks, we will be changing prices in your country. When we do, we will automatically reduce the price of your eligible active subscriptions(s) on the following renewal date with no action required from you.”

Twitch further claimed that they’ll be compensating streamers with a “revenue adjustment incentive” to make up for lost revenue from subscriptions as a result of this change. The incentive will be based on the creators’ average baseline of subscription revenue and broadcast hours for the past three months. 

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