Twitch data, including streamer revenue, passwords, and more, leaks online

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The popular streaming service, Twitch was the victim of a data breach that was leaked on 4chan. Reddit and Twitter users who went through the leaked torrent found confidential data from August 2019 to October 2021, including streamer revenue, passwords, source code for the Twitch website and apps, SDKs, and other Amazon services.

What’s interesting here is that Amazon was supposedly working on an “unreleased Steam competitor” called Vapor, and another related project, “Vapeworld”. 

Multiple streamers have now confirmed the leak, stating that most data, including the payouts, are almost entirely accurate. While Twitch has also acknowledged it, stating that they “are working with urgency to understand the extent of this.” 

The leaker claims that the 125GB leak is just “part one”, and suggests that more data is expected to leak sometime in the future.

With this data breach, all Twitch users are encouraged to take caution and change their passwords and enable 2FA to secure their accounts.

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