Twitch called out by xQc for letting Neymar openly gamble

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Popular streamer xQc has called out Twitch for what he perceived as double standards. This came about while he was watching a gambling stream featuring football superstar Neymar Jr, which the PSG star shouldn’t be able to do after strict guidelines against online gambling were imposed by the Amazon-owned platform.

Gambling has been permanently banned on Twitch following recent controversy. However, there remain some streamers who are still doing it which goes unnoticed. Lately, Neymar Jr, who may not be the most followed streamer but is certainly more influential, has been openly gambling in live streams.

“This seems like some pick and choose bulls***” he said about the stream. “I don’t want to be some anti-Twitch bandwagoner, but this is some pretty big pick and choose dogshit based on current outrage situation to feed the morons” he said.

During his Minecraft speedrun session, he hopped onto Neymar’s stream and found him gambling online, which, for obvious reasons came as a surprise given the biggest names on the platform had to face consequences for doing the same.

This prompted him to think that Twitch doesn’t deal with celebrities in the way they do with others and the timing could not be any worse when Kick is waiting in line to take away the big dawgs.

While many argued that the Twitch rules for the LATAM region might be different to the ones for NA which is why Neymar was able to do so without any consequences, which suffice it to say was anything but compelling.

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