Twitch bans Valorant streamer PROD over ‘misheard’ homophobic slurs

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Update: As of now PROD has been unbanned within 48 hours.

Popular Valorant streamer PROD has been suspended from Twitch over the use of homophobic slurs but in reality the weren’t anything close to that.

PROD is a player who skills are highly talked about in the Valorant community but for the first time he has found his name in the headlines for the wrong reasons. Twitch has banned him for an indefinite period for the use of homophobic slurs which the viewers think that was a wrongful suspension of his account as his words were misunderstood.

According to Jake Lucky, PROD was banned for saying “f*ck it” and then saying a homophobic slur which was inaudible in the best case.

Lucky highlighted that PROD was banned live and in YouTuber Sewers posted the clip of what PROD was banned for. PROD says ‘f**k it’ and then follows up with something that is inaudible, but Twitch detected that it was him using a slur.

Follow us to know more when he gets unbanned.

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