Twitch bans Adin Ross after ZIAS uses Homophobic slurs during his stream

adin ross twitch ban

Adin Ross is a popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber who is known for playing Grand Theft Auto: Online RP & NBA 2K during his streams, having over 600,000+ followers on the platform. However, he has been under the spotlight recently due to various controversial events surrounding his streams and personal life. Just recently his channel fell victim to trolls who were using bots to follow his channel which resulted in his follower count going over 4 million followers.

Adin was streaming alongside ZIAS!, a famous YouTuber who is known for reacting to music videos and vlogging. During the stream, Zias answered a phone call and called Adin a “f*ggot” while he was reportedly away from his room. 

Adin immediately contacted a Twitch mod who said “it’s fine” to continue the stream as Adin was not the one who used the derogatory term, yet he was banned immediately while freestyling in front of 83,000 viewers. This isn’t the first time his channel was banned as he was previously banned for a week on June 8 2020 due to an unknown reason. 

His followers started the ‘#FreeAdin’ movement to clear his ban as they claim that it was unfair. Adin later tweeted the hashtag, stating “Free Adin #freeadin. Mfs don’t wanna see me win. All G tho… let’s hope it’s not a perm.”

It is unclear how long his suspension will last as it could be another week-long ban or even last up to 3 days.

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