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TSM India to reportedly drop their Battlegrounds Mobile India roster

TSM Entity, one of the best PUBG Mobile teams in the world is reportedly dropping their old PUBG Mobile roster. The roster with star players like Jonathan and Clutchgod will not representing TSM when the competitive tournaments start in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

According to a source close to Gametube, TSM is planning to drop their Battlegrounds Mobile India roster. This team has been one of the most dominant teams in India and has made a name for themselves on the global stage as well. The roster featuring Neyoo, Ghatak, Jonathan, Zgod and Clutchgod will not represent TSM but will stick together after changes are made official.

The players representing TSM are dominant in their play style and each of them is proficient in individual fights as well as team gameplay. They have performed brilliantly in the past and if TSM decides to drop this roster, some of the top organizations in the country may capitalize on this situation and acquire a power-packed roster.

TSM Entity is a veteran team in Indian PUBG Mobile Esports circuit and this move will certainly affect the community as a whole. The reason for this unexpected move is not revealed yet but some clarity is expected very soon if the report turns out to be true.

TSM held their roster throughout the tough period of PUBG Mobile ban and did not announce any plans for nine long months but as the official launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India is coming close, they have reportedly decided to take a very unexpected step. It will be interesting to see where the roster lands if TSM drops them.


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