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Top DOTA 2 players from SEA permanently banned by Valve for match-fixing

Southeast Asian Dota2 professionals Lai “AhJit” Jay Son and Cheng “vtFαded” Jia Hao have been banned for match-fixing and collusion. The duo headline the list of other eight Dota2 players from the SEA region who were convicted of the same felony.

Beyond the Summit on March 12 surprisingly announced the disqualification of Team Orca from the soon-to-start Dota Pro Circuit tour. No concrete clarification was given following the decision until a follow-up was provided by the event organizers upon the same. The follow-up briefed the community about Teams Ocra and Apex were caught sharing accounts where they reportedly helped each other to qualify for the upcoming tour of the Dota Pro Circuit’s Southeast Asian League. In addition to the above, quite evidence surfaced which headlined these teams having participated in match-fixing in other third-party tournaments including the BTS Pro Series. 

Below you can find the entire list of the 10 banned players from Team Ocra and Team Apex.

  • Cheng “vtFαded” Jia Hao
  • Lai “AhJit” Jay Son
  • Wong “Gy” Kok Guan
  • Zhou “Yif” Yifu
  • Wang “闷油瓶”‘ Liang
  • Nguyễn “Datbb” Thành Đạt
  • JJ – 杨俊杰
  • Bùi Văn “Hunghung “ Hùng
  • Pang “BrayaNt“Jian Zhe
  • Namir “QWE” Mohammad

The above players have been permanently banned from Valve events which do mean they won’t be able to feature in any of the DPC events, Majors, or The Internationals. The void left by Team Orca in the Dota2 Pro Circuit will be filled by a team, to be determined from a closed qualifier series which would be played among Teams M 11, M Y, Kobolds, and The Apes E-Sport.


AhJit and vtFaded have now sabotaged their career going further despite the fact being the most reputed players in the SEA scene of Dota2. AhJit once had made his most notable breakthrough when he entered The International 2017 under Fnatic before he returned to Southeast Asia after the 2021 marquee event while vtFaded who once played for Cloud9 now finds himself locked out of the officials.

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