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This Tricky Sage Wall Can Help You Clutch Post Plant Rounds in Valorant

Once an insanely popular agent, Sage has lost a good portion of her player base in Valorant following a series of nerfs she has received over the past couple of patches. However, players have continued finding new and innovative ways to use their skills for gaining the maximum advantage in games.

Reddit user u/stay_sweet has discovered one such way of using Sage’s wall on Ascent to gain themselves the upper hand during post-plant scenarios.

As you can see from the attached video, you have to plant the Spike at a very specific spot on the A-site behind the generator. Once done, you can line up your wall as shown and use it.

This wall of Sage can cost a considerable amount of time for the Defenders to break before they can attempt to defuse the spike. In a fast-paced competitive shooter like Valorant, the difference of a few seconds can often be the decider of games.

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