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The Rise of Esports: Analyzing its Relevance for Dissertation Research

As a student in college, you have lots of assignments to complete. During your study years, you will encounter many academic challenges that will foster the development of your skills. But the expansion of your knowledge too. But to graduate, you have to complete your dissertation. Which is a much more complex written paper than what you have to do before. Even though it may sound scary, a dissertation is an accessible paper. And if you choose to write it on a topic you have a genuine interest in, it will be way easier to go through all the steps of writing it. 

Choosing topics that are now under the spotlight is a great idea to deepen your knowledge on that topic. And esports is one of them. From a niche subculture to a mainstream phenomenon, esports has gained more and more popularity over the years. But would this be a great topic choice for your dissertation? Can you talk about the evolution of sports? Or about when did esports become popular? Or about the history of esports? Well, why not? Let’s see what is its relevance for dissertation research. 

Cultural and Societal Impact

As esports are now under the spotlight and are gaining more and more momentum, more and more people talk about them. Especially as most of the time, people focus on the negative aspects of playing video games, not on the positive ones. However, the benefits are incredible. And first of all, esports have a great influence on social interactions and identities. 

They are shaping contemporary digital culture. And finding out how is a great topic for dissertation research. As a student, you can hire writer from a dissertation writing service such as Customwriting to guide you in this process. Even though esports seem an accessible topic for research, you may encounter some challenges and obstacles along the way. To pay someone to write my dissertation is something students struggle with, but it is the help they need to complete their academic assignments. So, you can learn more about the cultural and societal impact of esports by collaborating with professionals. 

Economic Significance 

You may choose the topic of your dissertation from another domain. For example, you may want to see how the business environment has evolved in the past couple of years. You might want to see how the economy of the world changed. You may want to see how innovations in specific domains have changed the development of the economy. And researching the esports industry is one of the things that could help you present valid arguments in your dissertation. 

The esports industry has witnessed significant growth. This growth is described by sponsorships, revenue streams, and increasing investments. Learning more about this and researching esports provides valuable insight into its economic impact. But also in the other benefits it came with for the economy, such as job creation and revenue generation. And the potential for growth is immense. And all these have implications for domains such as business, entrepreneurship, and economic policy. 

Psychological and Cognitive Factors 

As briefly mentioned above, many people choose to focus on the negative aspects esports came with. Truth be told, everything done in excess comes with negative consequences for those who do it. And this is the case of esports too. Indeed, not taking breaks and getting lost in playing video games might make people neglect their responsibilities. But it comes with negative aspects on their health too, as they stay prolonged periods on the chair, without moving. 

However, esports come with great psychological and cognitive benefits too. Competitive gaming requires a wide variety of skills, such as strategic and critical thinking, teamwork, multitasking, and decision-making. Researching the psychological benefits of esports in your dissertation could help public opinion on this matter. 

And, of course, highlight the benefits it comes with. It helps you develop your skills, improve your attention, and increase your motivation. This would help shed more light on human behavior and understand it better. But also on the topics of optimized performance and the development of skills in a digital environment. 

Final Thoughts 

The rise of esports can easily be noticed if we take a look at the past couple of years. Would this be the right topic for dissertation research? Well, yes. It would offer a multidisciplinary and contemporary view of its economic, cultural, and societal impact. 

At the same time, it would shed more light on the psychological and cognitive benefits it comes with. Which would ultimately enable researchers to contribute to the understanding of esports and its implications for various domains. 

Bio lines: Sven Eggers is a content writer and blogger. He is passionate about gaming and he often attends gaming competitions and conferences. Sven loves playing strategy and adventure games.

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