The capital city of China is prepared to host The International 9, Valve announced it prior to the lower-bracket finals of The International 8. Since its inception at Gamescom, Germany in 2012, Seattle has been a prominent location for the prestigious event untill 2017. Although, The International moved to Rogers Arena in Canada for it’s 2018 edition. Perfect World, alongside Valve and PGL is expected to cater The International 9.

In an unconventional and surprising step, Valve revealed the location for The International 9 in much advance, comparatively. Although, the dates are not yet disclosed, Mercedes-Benz Indoor Arena, Shanghai will be hosting the offline event. Also, the organizers have moved across the globe to write the next chapter in the book of The International which doesn’t surprise the audience due to an on-going visa issues in the United States which makes it difficult for teams from South-East Asia, Middle-East Asia and CIS region to make their mark.