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Natus Vincere vs Bad News Eagle Match Recap IEM Rio CSGO Major

The CIS Squad manage to remain alive to fight another day at the IEM : Rio CSGO Major 2022.

Natus Vincere has sent Bad News Eagles packing from the ongoing IEM : Rio CSGO Major 2022 and now sits 2-2 in the Legends Stage. They would now need to win their next match to qualify for the Champions Stage of the same.

Bad News Eagles who came into the Major with all of their guns blazing have been eliminated from the Major at the hands of Oleksandr “⁠s1mple⁠” Kostyliev and his men. They previously beat former reigning champions FaZe Clan to advance further into the Legends Stage when they were hanging 0-2 in the latter.

Below we have attached a quick recap of the happenings around the Na’Vi Vs Bad News Eagles game along with the Map Veto.

1. Bad News Eagles removed Overpass

2. Natus Vincere removed Vertigo

3. Bad News Eagles picked Ancient

4. Natus Vincere picked Nuke

5. Natus Vincere removed Inferno

6. Bad News Eagles removed Dust2

7. Mirage was left over

Map 1 : Ancient (Pick : Bad News Eagles, Winner : Natus Vincere, Final Score : 16:3)

Bad News Eagles felt constrained by beginning Ancient on the T side and having a difficult time generating any momentum on their assault. Natus Vincere got off to a flying start, going up 9-1 by s1mple terrorizing the Eagles with his AWP which indeed brushed the Kosovars back repeatedly.  As said, it was all attributed to s1mple’s stellar form with his AWP who looked in sublime form only to steer his team further into the Legends Stage. Despite the fact that the Eagles did discover advantages, they typically struggled to utilize them.

Ancient seemingly was a cake-walk for the Na’Vi side as they were able to get the best of the Bad News Eagles by calling dibs on the latter’s map pick in their favor, 16-3.

Map 2 : Nuke (Pick : Natus Vincere, Winner : Natus Vincere, Final Score : 16-9)

Nuke started off with both sides trading rounds back and forth as neither of them showed dominance going into the second map. It was Natus Vincere who claimed the first half of Nuke 8-7 thanks to the Denis ‘electroNic’ Sharipov and his heroics who put Na’Vi in a commanding position every time Bad News Eagles tried to surprise the CIS squad.

Nothing much Bad News Eagles could do in the second half of Nuke as Dionis “sinnopsyy” Budeci and his men looked destitute and listless fighting the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 Major winners. It was the duo of Viktor ‘sdy’ Orudzhev and Ilya ‘Perfecto’ Zalutskiy who locked the Eagles of the bomb sites and clinch the series 2-0 to avoid a shocking elimination. 

Natus Vincere now waits for the Day 4 of the IEM : Rio CS:GO Major to conclude in order for their next match-up to be determined.

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