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Tenz x Finalmouse racked in $7.5 million after selling out 40K Units Instantly

SEN TenZ has made the headlines after making $7.5 million in less than 4 hours after he struck a deal with popular peripheral manufacturer FinalMouse .

TenZ is one of the biggest names in Valorant and critically acclaimed by many as one of the best players in the game right now. The likes of him are exposed to incredible sponsorships and collaboration.

One such collaboration happened with final mouse which yielded great profit for both the player and the company.

According to several media outlets, FinalMouse sold all the 40,000 mouse that were made in collaboration with TenZ in a few hours, translating to major profits for the player for his part in the deal.

TenZ hasn’t had the fortune in terms of filling his trophy cabinet but his pockets are definitely getting filled left right and center from all the brand deals and sponsorship money.

Keep an eye out for the mouse, given the amount of interest it has generated, FinalMouse may soon put it back on market.

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