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TempoStorm conquers CEVO Gfinity Pro League Season 9 Finals ahead of SK Gaming

Tempo Storm are the new champions of the CEVO Gfinity Pro League Season 9, having crushed SK Gaming 3-1 in the Grand Finals.

Tempo and SK went head to head before in the gathering stage, where Tempo conveniently beat SK 2-0. In the wake of taking the second-put seed in the gathering, SK squashed HellRaisers 3-0 in the elimination rounds, while Tempo barely pushed out Virtus.pro 3-2 to assert their spot in the Grand Finals.


On the principal guide of the last matchup, Cache, Tempo took off, winning 14 rounds on the CT side on their way to a devastating 16-5 triumph over SK. The second guide, Dust2, was much closer, with SK constraining extra minutes. Lamentably for SK, Tempo returned the last adjusts to expand their arrangement lead 2-0.

Despite the fact that SK couldn’t secure the second guide in additional time, they compensated for it with a noteworthy 16-9 triumph on Mirage. Aside from a three-round win streak before the half, Tempo couldn’t stop SK on their second guide decision.

Any plausibility of an opposite compass was smothered on Cobblestone, where Tempo opened the guide with an eight-round win streak, and finished the arrangement off with a 16-8 triumph. Tempo Storm goes home with $55,000 and the main head competition win in their history.

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