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Tejas Ace Sawant set to return to India

Tejas ‘Ace’ Sawant has left Team XCN, after they announced his departure through an Instagram post today.

The 25-year-old was part of the Indonesian side for 9 months, with his most notable achievement being the victory in the ESEA Open Season 27 APAC. In a Facebook post, he announced his gratitude toward his former teammates and coach, and also revealed that he would be joining an India side soon.

Photo via CSGO2ASIA

Ace will be a valuable addition in any Indian CSGO Roster, as he has had experience not only domestically, but internationally too, with his most famous appearance being at the ESL ONe Cologne 2014 with Team Wolf, having played against the legendary squad of NiP. That, along with his time at XCN, will ensure that he will have enough experience to guide his team not only in strats, but also help them in the mental side of the game that is often looked over.


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