PUBG Mobile World League is set to start from today in two divisions, East and West, in online format due to ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. 

The official channel of PUBG Mobile Esports recently announced that some teams in the West League may face some ping disadvantages because of this online format.

Photo via PUBG Mobile

PMWL was scheduled to start in a LAN format for the qualified teams in Katowice, Poland. A new dedicated studio for PUBG Mobile is set up for future LAN tournaments but due to safety reasons, the tournament was shifted to online mode. 

In their recent statement, the official handle said that their team has worked relentlessly to implement “additional tech solutions” to provide the best possible ping to every team connecting to the tournament server. They have also implemented “dedicated tools and recordings” to maintain the integrity of tournament during the entire season.

The management faced a complex issue regarding the West division. The teams were to relocate to a “latency friendly country” to ensure competitive ping for them, but due to travel-related restrictions, and players’ safety issue, that was not possible.

It was also stated that they are in contact with the affected teams and offered the teams, to either compete from their home location with a risk of higher latency or forfeiting the entire league with fair compensation for the same. 

The teams have all chosen to risk a higher ping and continue in the tournament. Their dedication is commendable for not backing out in this tournament.

The East Division of PMWL will not be affected by any ping issue.