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Team Subroza Wins Lil Bro Cup Valorant

Tarik “tarik” Celik, content creator and broadcaster, and YouTube Streamer Ludwig Ahgrencollaborated to host a tournament on Valorant called the “Lil Bro Cup,” which featured 20 of the platform’s most popular players.

On November 30th, Sentinels made the announcement regarding the competition. Sentinels posted a message on Twitter that read, “20 Valorant stars. 2 questionable hosts. 1 Tournament to decide everything. Announcing the Lil Bro Cup.”  

Four elite teams—Team Subroza, Team Rossy, Team Zander, and Team BcJ—competed at the top level on December 5. (IST). Nevertheless, Team Subroza prevailed and was awarded the monetary prize in the amount of $7,000 USD.

The Lil Bro Cup was won by Team Subroza.

The Lil Bro Cup consisted of three best-of-three (BO3) series, two of which were the semi-finals and one of which was the final. During the course of the competition, there was also a consolation final that featured a best-of-one match.

In the semifinals, Team Rossy defeated Team Zander with a series score of 2-0, and Team Subroza prevailed over Team BcJ with a series score of 2-1. Both teams advanced to the finals.

Nevertheless, in the championship match, in which they won 2-0 against Rossy’s team, Subroza’s team played a flawless series and prevailed. In the meantime, the consolation final between Team Zander and Team BcJ was played, and Zander’s team emerged victorious with a score of 13-11.

List of teams who had participated in The Lil Bro Cup: 

The Lil Bro Cup featured a total prize pool of $10,000 USD as Team Subroza scooped up their lion’s share of $7000.

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