Team Secret wins the PMPL SEA Championship Season 4 Finals

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The 4-week long and intense matches of PMPL SEA Championship Season 4 ended with Team Secret winning the championship. A total of 20 best South Asian teams competed in the regional championship from which top teams qualified for the PMGC 2021. Team Secret scored a total of 202 points followed by Bigetron RA which placed at the second spot in the finals with 164 points.

PMPL SEA Championship Season 4 had a massive prize pool of $200,000 USD distributed among league stage and finals. Team Secret took home $30,800 USD as the prize reward. The team already qualified for the PMGC 2021 based on the MYSG PMGC Championship points. Bigetron RA also qualified for the Global Championship for finishing second in the finals along with 4Rivals and MS Chonburi. Luxxy from Bigetron RA won the grand final MVP award and $6,000 USD.

PMPL SEA Championship Season 4 Final Standings

  • Team Secret – 202 points
  • Bigetron RA – 164 points
  • Faze Clan – 145 points
  • 4Rivals – 128 points
  • MS Chonburi – 120 points
  • Geek Fam – 118 points
  • D’Xavier – 110 points
  • Axis RedONE – 104 points
  • The Infinity – 104 points
  • EVOS Reborn – 98 points
  • RRQ Ryu – 95 points
  • Eagle Esport – 92 points
  • BN United – 79 points
  • Onyx Esport – 78 points
  • Genesis Dogma GIDS – 75 points
  • Vampire Esports – 69 points

Four Teams Qualified for PMGC 2021 from PMPL SEA Championship 2021

PMPL SEA Championship 2021 had the seeding to the PMGC 2021 through League stage and finals. Faze Clan won the league stage and qualified for the global championship whereas Bigetron RA, 4RIvals, and MS Chonburi qualified from the finals stage.

Besides these qualifications, the below-mentioned teams also qualified for the PMGC 2021:

  1. The Infinity (PMGC Points Thailand)
  2. Genesis Dogma GIDS (PMGC Points Indonesia)
  3. Team Secret (PMGC Points MY/SG)
  4. D’Xavier (PMGC Points)

A total of 20 teams will compete in the PMGC 2021 League (East) which is scheduled to take place from 30th November 2021. The global championship will feature a massive prize pool of $6M USD and the ultimate champions trophy.

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