Team Liquid to face SK in ESL One Cologne 2016 finals, fnatic disappoints

Team Liquid beat fnatic 2-0 in the second semi-finals of day, this surely has been recorded as the most unexpected upset ever in a major. Liquid will play SK tomorrow and battle for the title of world’s best CS:GO team.

Fnatic has been eliminated by Liquid which turns out to be the most unexpected of the result all-time, even though with the return of Olofmeister and Dennis being in form, the swedes were not able to win a single map in the major. Liquid, which is famous for being shaky and not composed during the time when it matters, completely shut down all the trolls and trekked their victory up the hills, making it their dream alive of being in a finals of a major.

Being knocked out 0-2 from a major was not even in fnatic’s worst nightmares as they lost to Team Liquid, who are supposedly famous for choking during the important times. Spiriting against the odds of the analysts and fundamentals, Team Liquid showed that they can keep the NA dream alive if not Cloud9. The best performer of the match was the dual performance by S1mple and Elige where their existence in the team definitely paid massive dividends as they were going head-to-head and winning battles against who were supposedly called the best team in the world. Team Liquid will face the defending champions tomorrow, and judging by the factors and different aspects from the performance of Liquid, it seems like SK Gaming has a tough competition coming their way.