Tanmay Bhatt had earlier announced that the All India Bakchod founder was teaming up with popular Youtuber Saiman Says and bring in several popular personalities from the platform together on a single TreeMathon 2020 stream. The stream presented jointly by Streamathon and Treesena was set to be an 8-hour live session with personalities taking turns to try their hand at the game Getting Over It.

The entire mission of the stream was to support the cause Mission Green Mumbai and raise funds to plant as many trees as possible.

TreeMathon provided a unique form entertainment as stars like CarryMinati, Abish Mathew, Sorabh Pant and more tried their hand at Getting Over It. But, the entire thing was also full of humour and gags, with Saiman Says completing some ‘dares’ as they hit various donation milestones.

Picture Courtesy – TanmayBhatt’s Youtube

The stream was a huge success by the looks of it, with Tanmay Bhatt & co. managing to rake in over 5,000 USD in overall donations.The exact figure stood at 5163.46 USD as the stream ended. The highest donor of the stream was Cosmic YT, who put in a total of 30,000 INR to support the cause. The top 5 donators of the stream will each have their name etched in trees.

Tanmay Bhatt clarified on the stream that the 5,000 USD donation mark ensures enough money to plant around 1,000 trees, which will be a huge helping hand to the entire mission to make Mumbai greener. While the Republic Day stream might be done, wishful readers can still donate to the cause at treesena.org

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