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T1 Unable to Practice for Worlds 2023 Due to Internet Outages

Every moment of practice is invaluable in esports, particularly when it comes to prestigious tournaments like the League of Legends World Championship. This year, the event has been marred by unexpected hurdles for T1, a formidable team in the League of Legends circuit. The team’s General Manager, Jeong ‘becker’ Hoi-yoon, has voiced his concerns and frustrations over the inadequate practice conditions the team has been subjected to, due to persistent internet outages.

As the quarterfinals of Worlds 2023 loom on the horizon, starting November 2, the top eight teams are in a race against time, trying to sharpen their skills and strategies to outperform their rivals. T1, unfortunately, finds itself at a disadvantage, struggling with internet issues that have severely hampered their practice sessions. Becker has taken to social media to highlight these issues, explicitly calling out Riot Games and urging the organizers to step up and provide a conducive practice environment.

The transition of the tournament’s location from Seoul to Busan, following the conclusion of the Swiss Stage, was meant to mark the beginning of the final leg of the competition. However, for T1, this move has brought more challenges than anticipated. The team has found itself unable to engage in scrims and solo queue practice, crucial components of their preparation strategy. While other top-eight teams have not reported similar issues, Gen.G mid-laner Jeong ‘Chovy’ Ji-hoon’s repost of Becker’s message indicates that the problem might be more widespread.

With the clock ticking down to their next matchup against LNG Esports on November 5, T1 is in a race against time to resolve these internet issues and get back to their rigorous practice schedule. Their performance in the Swiss Stage, holding a 3-1 record, showcases their potential and skill, but without adequate practice, their journey in the tournament could be jeopardized. The situation calls for immediate action from the organizers to ensure a level playing field and to uphold the competitive integrity of the tournament.

The unexpected internet outages at Worlds 2023 have put T1 in a precarious position, highlighting the need for robust infrastructure and support for teams participating in such high-profile esports events. As the gaming community eagerly awaits the resolution of this issue, the spotlight is now on Riot Games and the tournament organizers to ensure fair play and to provide all teams with the resources they need to perform at their best.

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Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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