In a relatively unpopular move, Braxton “swag” Pierce left Torqued due to personal reasons. The twenty-one year old informed all his fans through his Twitter handle that he needs ‘mental rest’. The shocking news came in only after his team exited already in the group stages during DreamHack Open Tours. Although his team lost against both Gambit and AGO, swag had 1.02 rating throughout the tournament.

swag, in his Twitlonger post, said,

“Hey all, today I have decided to step down from Torqued. I don’t want to go into details why I’m making this decision and I know the timing is really bad as they have a big tourney coming up in Brazil but I don’t think there was a good time to make this choice. I still have love for the players and wish them the best of luck.”

“As for me, I know my “comeback” since being unbanned from ESL and Dreamhack has been underwhelming. I know I’m capable of way more and I just need to keep grinding.”

“I feel like I need a mental reset but for now I will start streaming and playing FPL/Rank S to try and reach my potential and consider other offers that come my way.”

“Thank you for continuing to support me throughout all of these ups and downs”

Torqued line-up:

Keven “AZK” Larivière

Matt “Pollo” Wilson

Joshua “steel” Nissan

Kenneth “koosta” Suen

Braxton “swag” Pierce

James “JamezIRL” Macaulay (Coach)

This move has shaken the North-American organization few days prior to ESL One Belo Horizonte and the squad has got limited time to find a suitable replacement.