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summit1g wins the worst CSGO play of the decade

Shorty after official CSGO Twitter started a poll for the fans to decided the best play made in the past decade, a Twitter user who goes by the handle @FishiestDude kicked off a poll of his own to judge the worst play made in the aforementioned period.

Among the chosen moments of epic failure, four such plays stood out that will forever be etched into the hearts of the fans. Those plays were summit1g’s failed molotov, Karrigan missing an easy shots onto KennyS, s1mple’s knife fail against nitr0 and the most recent one being G2’s failing to defuse the bomb even with ample time left.

summit1g won the poll after collecting 35% votes, 2% above G2’s debacle few months back while s1mple came in 3rd and karrigan in 4th place.

It is safe to say summit might not have won any trophy in his professional CSGO career but this can be considered as an achievement in certain perspectives. summit, playing for Splyce at the time clutched a 1v2 will little health remaining, after taking both players down he quickly rushed towards the bomb in order to defuse it but he got caught in his own molly, which led him to lose his life. The hilarious moment from DreamHack has made a special place in hearts of every CSGO admirer.

summit1g has move past those days, now he is a prominent voice in the streaming industry. Such things happens to the best of us, so no shames there. Even the best player in the world is on the same list as him, that might be considered as a positive takeaway from summit’s point of view.

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