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Stuttering still affects CS:GO even after 2 patches, Valve yet to respond to the community

Recent Stutters in CS:GO has really made the community go haywire with Valve yet to come up with a Fix despite tweets regarding the same from the Pro Scene.

The latest patch update of Counter Strike : Global Offensive which was pushed in the game on 25th of February might have fixed various flaws in the User Interface but in the due course it did worsen the FPS settings in the game. Also there have been numerous cases about the micro stutters which are being faced by the player-base as reported where the player’s game freezes for a pygmy period of time. This Bug appears out of nowhere and it doesn’t have a static timestamp. Though these micro stutters stay for like a millisecond, they do start annoying one if they show up on a recurring basis.

With ESL Pro League Season 11 on the Horizon, Valve hasn’t yet responded to any of these reported cases. Even players from the Pro Scene have addressed about the same on their twitter.

Valve did bring in an update on 4th of this month but it didn’t really seem to focus on this issue as the update did bring in the Operation Shattered Web’s latest and final mission set along with some issues resolved for the Map Vertigo.

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