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Streamlabs Desktop now supports native Twitter/X streaming

The developers have now updated Streamlabs, arguably the most popular streaming software to support streaming natively on Twitter/X after Elon Musk announced that the social media platform will now be house streaming facilities.

Live streaming on any platform can be a bit confusing which is why Streamlabs has built-in auto-configuration features that allow users to easily step up their live stream on platforms like Facebook, Twitch, YouTube and now X. It previously had facilities to directly stream on platforms as mentioned earlier however, following the latest update, the same can be done on X moving forward.

Streaming on X was a bit of a hassle and the traditional OBS was very confusing for most users. However, having native streaming supported integrated within Streamlabs will make the entire process extremely smooth. When logging into Streamlabs, make sure to sign in to your X account and you will have all the customization options handed to you by the application.

Twitter/X was never marketed as a gaming platform even though that is what most people associate with streaming. Now with access being easier than before, we might see some cultural changes in and around X, it will be interesting to see in the coming days, how users take advantage of this update.

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