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Steam version of Nier Automata is finally getting an update

For a long time, Nier: Automata’s PC version on Steam has been plagued with endless issues and bugs such as lack of ultra-wide support, locked frame rates, low render resolution, constant stutters, and crashes, etc. The game never received any major updates that addressed these issues, however, a small patch to resolve issues related to AMD GPUs was released but the game was soon forgotten by Square Enix and players had to resort to community-made mods and fixes to bring the game to a playable state.

Recently, the game was bombed with negative reviews on Steam after the launch of the Xbox Game Pass version on PC, which was a slightly better port, despite having its own set of problems. 

However, four years after its release, the developers announced an upcoming patch, stating that “An upgrade patch for the Steam version of #NieR: Automata is currently in development.” Although it’s a fairly vague announcement, it’s better late than never. It’d be interesting to see what fixes and features could be added in this upcoming update or rather an upgrade as announced on their Twitter.

Perhaps now is the time to play NieR Replicant™ ver.1.22474487139.. while we wait for the patch to roll out.

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