Steam Bans Games with AI-Generated Art

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Popular gaming company Valve, the owners of Steam which house some of the best games in the world. have discretely been implementing penalties on games using AI-generated artwork.

Most of the AI models are trained using data sets derived from the real world which is why all AI-generated work, “artwork” in this case has been derived from someone else’s work that was used to train the model. The resultant artwork is very difficult to trace back and can carry several legal troubles

According to a thread on the AIGameDev subreddit, a user had made an attempt to release their game about a month ago, which included some art assets that were generated by AI. They had plans to enhance these assets before officially launching the game. Valve responded to the user’s submission with an email stating that they are unable to distribute games if the developer does not possess all the necessary rights.

While companies face trouble tackling AI and the implications they might have are serious. The applications of AI are increasing day by day and it will be very difficult for corporations to tell the work of an AI apart.

The fear around AI-generated work has strong ground given how difficult it is to find the origin or the several sources from which it might have been derived, which might open the company up to several lawsuits especially when heavy financial gain is involved.

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