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Steam Account With Largest Game Collection Only Plays Dota 2

In the vast and ever-expanding library of video games on Steam, gamers can find virtually any game they desire in only a few clicks. Whether it be action-packed first-person shooters, open-world RPGs, or laid-back simulation games, there is something for everyone.

However, for the Steam user with the largest public Steam library, there’s only one game worth playing on the platform. Despite having the largest Steam game library in the entire world, this user has devoted almost the entirety of his playtime to one game – Dota 2.

At first glance, this may seem like a waste of money and an incredibly boring gaming experience. However, for Steam user ‘Sonix’, Dota 2 is the only game that matters. Having owned over 33,000 games on the gaming platform, the user has spent a whopping 83.32% of his playtime playing the MOBA by Valve. 

Sonix has over 6,089 registered hours in Dota 2, and he is still active on the Steam account. Some other games on his most-played list of games include ‘Alien Swarm’, ‘Team Fortress 2’, Euro Truck Simulator 2’, and ‘Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms’. It’s interesting to note that even with a collection of over $334,245 worth of games on Steam, four out of his top five most-played games are actually free-to-play.

Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena game developed by Valve Corporation. The game has a steep learning curve and its depth, strategy, and competitive nature have made it a cult favorite among gamers around the world and provided it with great replayability that enables players to indulge in the 5v5 title for thousands of hours without a sense of boredom.

In a world where there is an overwhelming amount of choice, it is fascinating to see someone who has found what they truly love and stuck with it. While some may view this as a missed opportunity to explore the vast world of gaming, for Sonix, Dota 2 is all he needs.

Sonu Banerjee
Sonu Banerjeehttp://www.talkesport.com
A fervent gamer and an eSports enthusiast. Loves reading, watching movies and playing games of all sorts.
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