StarLadder referee says s1mple rages at his teammates and guardiaN tilts

S1mple cs2

StarSeries i-League season eight is going on this week, A refree who’s working with StarLadder shared some information about team ‘Natus Vincere’ one of the first CSGO teams to be knocked out of this competition. 

The refree sent two messages on the telegram group right after the match stating information about players from Natus Vincere, Particularly ‘Simple’ was raging at his team mates in game.

‘Guardian’ their primary AWPer was tilting during matches, unable to focus and was missing shots. NaVi’s coach ‘Blad3’ was being toxic to their current IGL ‘Boombl4’.

The refree mentioned:

Simple was responsible for the discipline of the Team and he was raging on them, nobody was stopping him, everyone was so afraid of him, Guardian was tilting so much that he couldn’t kill, they were trapped in this never ending loop

Refree also mentioned ‘Blad3 called a pause and asked Boombl4 to stop being a player and start acting like a captain.

Regardless of all the controversy, nothing has been proven yet, there are no screenshots or any kind of proof attached but Na’Vi did seem lost during this StarSeries iLeague season eight. They lost their line ups against G2 and Heroic, they were visibly upset with their performance especially Simple.

Na’Vi’s former captain ‘Zeus’ retired after the BlastPro series held in Mascow this September. He wasn’t in his best individual form when he retired.  While the spectators thought that Zeus was holding the team back, but if what the refree said is true and the players were lacking the chemistry then maybe its the opposite and zeus was actually holding the team together.

Simple was already known for his toxic behaviour when he was young and after several such incidents, He worked on changing his behaviour which lead him to becoming the best CS:GO player in the world in the year 2018, according to the StarLadder refree simple might have gone back to his old habbits.

The StarLadder refree deleted the Telegram group and no official comments were made by any officials on the matter.