Stalwart Esports Instagram Account Was Hacked


Stalwart Esports, one of the trending names in the gaming community, lost access to their Instagram account last night  as some unknown entity breached their security to illegitimately post a few things on their social media front.

Gaming community is well versed with the hacking sagas as multiple famous personalities have lost access to their accounts till date. On a positive note, each one of them is able to recover such accounts almost instantly after getting help from the officials and a similar thing was seen with Stalwart Esports.

Stalwart Esports Instagram Hacked

Stalwart tweeted this information that their account was hacked last night. After going through some formalities, it seems that they have recovered their account relatively easily. While tweeting this information, they quoted that their fans should “ignore any messages or demand for any sort of financial assistance.”

Their owner also tweeted a similar post, praying for the return of their social account as soon as possible. It seems that he was handling this account prior to the hacking scenario. Apparently, the management also lost access to their social media accounts and were asked to pay a ransom to retrieve them.

Stalwart Esports retrieves their account 

Stalwart Esports tweeted an update on this situation and revealed these minute details. Some posts were also made from the official account asking for financial aid but the hackers were unable to procure any ransom from fans as well. The accused attacker apparently deleted the account of Stalwart Esports’ founder as a form of revenge. 

Currently, the officials are investigating this matter to understand the source of breach and other details attached to this case. Stalwart Esports was able to regain the access back to their accounts after a span of 12 hours.