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Spero Claims Krafton Will Soon Solve the Cheating Problem in BGMI

Since the return of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), cheating has emerged as a persistent issue. This problem not only ruins the gaming, experience but also casting a shadow over the game’s competitive integrity. Popular BGMI caster Piyush “Spero” Bathla recently addressed this concern. He asserted that Krafton will tackle the cheating problem soon. 

Spero Believes the Cheating Issue in BGMI Will Be Solved Soon

Since Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) returned to India, players and fans alike have voiced growing concerns over the prevalence of cheaters in the game. The severity of the issue was laid bare during the live broadcasts Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGIS) 2023 and the ongoing BGMI Pro Series (BMPS) 2023 with players facing bans. This rampant cheating has not only tarnished the competitive integrity of the game but has also frustrated both casual and professional players.

Amidst these concerns, Spero took a moment during his live stream to address the community. Expressing optimism about the future, he stated, “In 2024, I have heard that the problems that a lot of players are facing will be solved.” Spero went on to reassure the community that the upcoming tournament, which will take place after a brief break of two to three months, would witness significant improvements in addressing the cheating issue.

While Spero stopped short of providing specific details, he emphasized that the problems faced by players would likely be resolved. “Everyone is able to see everything. Don’t worry about it. The future is going to be bright. I can’t say anything more than this,” Spero added, instilling a sense of hope among the BGMI community.

As the Grand Finals of BMPS 2023 , Spero’s statements raise expectations for a cleaner and more fair competitive environment. If Krafton addresses and mitigates the cheating problem, it could mark a turning point for the game’s competitive scene.

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